A Small Hawk in the Rain

09/03/17: After an early morning searching unsuccessfully for shorebirds in the Black Dirt, I came across this Broad-winged Hawk on a wire near 6 1/2 Road Sanctuary. My impression is that this was a very small hawk, in fact, likely the smallest buteo I’ve ever seen; to my eye it appeared to be just a little larger than a Merlin. I’m thinking that this is a small, young, male BWHA. I’m not a fan of wires as a perch for photos, but I do like this one just because it gives a really good look at the hawk.


4 thoughts on “A Small Hawk in the Rain”

  1. Your ID is correct. It’s a juvenile, male Broad-wing. “Small” cinches it.
    Right on, Matt!
    They can have much heavier streaking below also.
    See Crossley’s ID Guide for more photos. This plumage is shown in flight there.
    Photo is outstanding!

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