Orange County GLOSSY IBIS, 08/29/17

~Glossy Ibis at Citgo Pond, 08/29/17.~ 

QUICK POST: While at work today, Bill Fiero reported to the Mearns Bird Club App a GLOSSY IBIS at Citgo Pond. I made plans with Linda Scrima to meet there after work and go for the bird. When we first got there, it appeared that the bird had moved on, but eventually we located it on the far side of the pond hanging out with the Mallards and the Canada Geese. We were able to get some documentary photos; the lighting was terrible and the bird was pretty distant. Meanwhile, I was also scanning the shorebirds present. Numbers were up considerably, with over 20 Lesser Yellowlegs present, a couple of Semipalmated Sandpipers, a handful of Least Sandpipers, a single Killdeer and the shorebird of the day… a half dozen dowitchers. I think they are likely SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS. I’m sort of playing the odds here because the time is right for SBDO rather than Long-billed, but also, the birds do not appear to be overly humpbacked and their undersides do not seem to be as solidly marked as found in LBDO. Please comment if you have any thoughts on the accurate identification of these birds – thanks. What a great evening of birding, I sort of wasn’t really expecting it! Huge thanks to Bill for locating and reporting the GLIB.

~Short-billed? Dowitchers at Citgo Pond, 08/29/17.~ 
~One more shot of the GLIB at Citgo Pond, 08/29/17.~ 
~I sort of like this photo – all you dowitchers get to the left, Lesser Yellowlegs to the right! Citgo Pond, 08/29/17.~ 

4 thoughts on “Orange County GLOSSY IBIS, 08/29/17”

  1. Boy, the dowitchers got there after I did; so glad you got the GLIB! I bushwhacked around 2/3rds of the pond and have the scratched up body to prove it. Reminded me of hacking through the Amazon. As you say, the light was horrible and none of my shots worked, but it was cool to come across it.

    1. Thanks so much Bill, excellent find and so glad you reported it. It’s tough out there right now – VERY overgrown. Matt

  2. Matt – love following your blog. As a new birder – where exactly is Citgo Pond?
    My wife and I walk the Heritage Trail at 6 1/2 mile. Is it that big pond right off the trail- or
    the pond behind the trail, that’s not easily visible or accessible. Thanks

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