A Good Morning at Morningside Park, 08/17/17

~There is probably a good reason that there were very few shorebirds present this morning…. let me think…. hmmm… MERLIN at Morningside Park, 08/17/17.~ 

I put my kayak into the water at Morningside Park just as the sun was coming up over the trees this morning. My goal was to photograph migrating shorebirds in the early morning light, but unfortunately there were not all that many present (are you sensing a theme this fall?). I had a single Spotted Sandpiper, 2 Solitary Sandpipers, and 3 Least Sandpipers, but that’s it for shorebirds. There was a MERLIN present that was tearing around and keeping the shorebirds on their toes, which was exciting but doesn’t help when your target birds are its prey. The small falcon perched for a while in a nearby tree and I was happy to get some decent photographs; it’s been a while since I’ve seen or photographed a Merlin.

~I know they are not super exciting, but I love these little Least Sandpipers; they are just little beauties. Morningside Park 08/17/17.~

Otherwise, I ran into just “the usuals”, with plenty of Green Herons and Great Blue Herons to photograph in the beautiful morning light. I spent just about 2 hours in the water and had 30 species in that time, which made for some pretty good birding.

~The Solitary Sandpipers and the Spotted Sandpiper were not like most shorebirds out at Morningside Park. Most shorebirds are extremely confiding when you approach in a kayak; you can get very close without disturbing them at all. The SOSAs and the SPSAs, however, flush very easily so I took a few shots early on and left them in peace.~ 
~Green Heron on a nice perch, Morningside Park, 08/17/17.~
~Spotted Sandpiper at Morningside Park, 08/17/17.~
~Great Blue Heron at Morningside Park, 08/17/17.~ 
~One of 2 Solitary Sandpipers at Morningside Park this morning, 08/17/17.~
~There were plenty of Green Herons around to photograph, so I was enjoying them. Morningside Park, 08/17/17.~ 

10 thoughts on “A Good Morning at Morningside Park, 08/17/17”

  1. Morningside is always a nice experience, even if the shorebirds are scant. Hopefully the unsettled weather will bring us something good over the next couple of days. Nice shots!

  2. As ALWAYS Excellent shots! I admire your “work” and your commitment to make the effort to find those great scenes at the perfect time. Thus the quality of everything that you pass on!
    Thanks, Matt.

    1. Thanks so much, Ken. I’ve been lucky (and chosen my days well) at Morningside, almost always getting clear skies and beautiful morning light for pics. Matt

    1. Thanks Renee! I was away when you commented and I’m just finally getting around to responding now – sorry about that! Matt

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