Happy Birthday!….

~Digiscoped shot of the Upland Sandpiper in the Black Dirt, 08/20/17.~

…to me! This evening, on my 48th birthday, I located my 200th bird of the year in Orange County – an UPLAND SANDPIPER! The heavy rains this afternoon cancelled my golf game, so I headed to the black dirt to look for birds. Honestly, my expectations were low, but when I located this uppy, I was totally thrilled. What an excellent bird for #200! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so I relied on digiscoping to document the bird. I watched the bird for a good while, and having put the word out, eventually Dick Riley and Karen Miller both showed up to get the bird. Good OC birding!

~The bird was certainly wary of predators and spent a good amount of time hunkered down. UPSA in the Black Dirt, 08/02/17.~

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!….”

  1. Congratulations on your 200th Orange County Bird for 2017, Matt! It was, indeed, a marvelous present for your birthday!

  2. I am way behind with my email, belated Happy Birthday. I always go birding on my birthday. It’s the best thing to do. Golf always seems to ruin a birthday for me.

    1. I was ultimately glad to not have to find out if golf would ruin my birthday. Given the choice, birding always seems to win out. Matt

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