Wow! Orange County WHITE IBIS!

~One of the 5 White Ibis at Wickham Lake this evening, 07/16/17.~ 

QUICK POST: Well, Rob Stone strikes again. This evening he somehow managed to relocate the five immature WHITE IBIS that had been reported in Orange County earlier this week, but had not been seen for several days (I thought those birds were long gone!). I, of course, ran for the birds and when I arrived, Rob got me on them immediately. They appeared to be getting ready to roost in the treetops on the shore of Wickham Lake. I have to say that seeing WHIB, in Orange County, in the treetops, just blew me away. It was so awesome! Linda Scrima showed up shortly after I did, and then Curt McDermott and Karen Miller not long after her. Curt had been Kayaking at Glenmere Lake, so he had his kayak. I was really excited when he pretty much insisted that I get the first run in the kayak to get some photographs while the light was still good. I paddled out and got great looks at the two birds at the very top of the trees and, of course, clicked away. Huge thanks to Rob for relocating the birds and to Curt for the kayak. What a night!

~Two WHITE IBIS yucking it up in the treetops on the shore of Wickham Lake, 07/16/17.~ 

10 thoughts on “Wow! Orange County WHITE IBIS!”

  1. Thanks to Rob for relocating and Curt for use of his kayak. I had no idea (earlier this morning) that I would be kayaking to get a different view of WHITE IBIS tonight! And it was such a nice night.

    1. It’s funny because driving back I was thinking that this morning was a million years ago! I never thought I would have been kayaking for ibis either. Great night for sure! Matt

  2. Cool shots Matt! I’m always amazed when a bird like this shows up in our neck of the woods!


    1. Thanks Scotty, it really was amazing. I love every day birding, but it’s awesome to get something exciting like this. Matt

  3. I was in Florida last week and saw lots of white Ibis, what a thrill it would be to see them in our own backyard! Great shots. Mary

    1. Yeah, it very different seeing them here. When we were in Florida I was excited at first to see them, but as you know, they are everywhere and the excitement wore off a bit. FYI, it may not be to late to see them in OC; the White Ibis returned to Wickham Lake last night at around 7:00 to roost; I received a report from Linda Scrima. Matt

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