Orange County Black Bear, 06/12/16

~Black Bear  this afternoon, 06/12/17.~

QUICK POST: These days it looks like I’m doing better with mammals than with birds. I did some local birding after work today with Acadian Flycatcher as my target bird. I was able to get the flycatcher (heard first and then seen, but no photos), which made me happy, but it was a Black Bear that stole the show. It was very dark on the trail, so I was happy with how my photos came out since they were taken with an ISO of 10,000. On my way out I also came across some Wild Turkeys with some super cute chicks. I birded for just over an hour and I had 27 species.

~The bear was eating vegetation as I photographed it, 06/12/17.~
~Wild Turkey chick, 06/12/17.~

11 thoughts on “Orange County Black Bear, 06/12/16”

  1. Matt,

    Was that Bear as big as that skull made him out to be????
    Loved the Turkey photo – – – I have NEVER seen one that young.

    Great shots, as always!

    1. I thought about how much you love bears when I was posting this, and for me, bear sightings are infrequent enough that they are very exciting! Matt

  2. I gained new respect for these guys when I saw one galloping at full speed along one of the trails in Oil City. I don’t think my RAV4 could have kept up with him! Great shots.

    1. I’ll tell you what, Dave. I was certainly not relaxed while photographing that bear. I’ve never seen one really move like that, but I of course totally believe it. I was happy to take a few pics and be on my way. Matt

  3. Great capture – by the looks of this bear and his or her teeth, it’s an old one – Glad he didn’t have the gumption to check you out and see if you made a good playmate or not – Nice capture! Thanks for sharing and be careful out there. Love the baby turkey chick

  4. Matt, Oh, I go all the way to the Water Gap to look for bears to photograph and here they are right in my backyard…I hope no hunters see this photo! Thanks for sharing the photos, just became a follower. Mary

    1. Thanks for subscribing Mary. I didn’t think about hunters – I’m going to remove the location from the post for that reason. Matt

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