Newburgh Bonaparte’s Gull, 04/20/17

~What a beauty! BONAPARTE’S GULL in flight over the Hudson River, Newburgh NY 04/20/17.~

I got my absolute best look at an Orange County BONAPARTE’S GULL this evening at the Newburgh waterfront. Every BOGU I’ve ever had in Orange County prior to this one has been just miles out. This bird, on the other hand, actually flew closer to me as I started to take photographs. It was a minor birding miracle : )

~Bonaparte’s Gull at the Newburgh Waterfront, 04/20/17.~
~BOGU coming in for a landing, Newburgh waterfront, 04/20/17.~

4 thoughts on “Newburgh Bonaparte’s Gull, 04/20/17”

  1. Matt,

    You were the “Pied Piper” the way that bird flew toward you. I thought that the two of you had likely met previously at someplace on the Jersey shore mid-winter. Beautiful shots of a first winter bird! Good going as always! I love the first shot which actually shows the seldom seen ALULA(“false wing”).

    1. It was pretty incredible, Ken. I’m glad you were there to witness it. And yes, one of the reasons I chose that photo was because the Alula or as I prefer “bastard” wings were showing so well. Matt

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