Weekend Wrap-up, 12/11/16

~First one Bald Eagle came in and landed in a tree not far from where I was standing. The bird called several times and was joined by her partner (it looks to me like the bird on the left is the larger female in this pair). What a treat to see a pair of Bald Eagles just like that. Orange County, NY 12/11/16.~

I did a lot of running around Orange County over the weekend, trying to add to my county year list. While failed to located any new birds, I did enjoy some good birding and I managed to get some photos that I thought were worth sharing. My best birds for the weekend where: Golden-crowned Kinglet (one at Wickham Lake and one at Laurel Grove Cemetery) and Brown Creeper (also two observations, one at Wickham Lake and the other at Watershed Park in Port Jervis).

So, with with 20 days left in the year, I stand at 214 birds in Orange County for the year. I still think there might be a couple of birds out there for me before the end of the year (Pine Siskin, Great Cormorant… maybe get lucky with a Northern Shrike?), but who knows.

~My first Brown Creeper in a LONG time! And I managed to get a photo! BRCR at Wickham Lake, 12/10/16.~
~This bird was moving very quickly, I really struggle to keep up with the camera. Golden-crowned Kinglet at Wickham Lake, 12/10/16.~
~A male Eastern Bluebird enjoys a snack at Mount Peter Hawkwatch, 12/10/16.~ 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up, 12/11/16”

  1. You not only got a photo of a Brown Creeper, difficult enough, but you got one that is so non-typical for the species. Usually you just end up with a bird glued to the side of a tree. Nice shot Matt!

    1. That’s funny John because I have a load of them with with the bird glued to the side of the tree, like you said. It makes the bird tough to see and usually out of focus because the camera can’t differentiate between the bird and the tree! Got lucky with this one for sure. Matt

  2. Great shots as always, Matt. Just subscribed to your blog. Wonderful images and commentary. Don’t know why I didn’t subscribe long ago. Keep up the good work!

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