11/28/16 – OC Red-throated Loon!

~I contemplated whether or not this photo was even worth posting. Red-throated Loon at Orange Lake, 11/28/16.~ 

QUICK POST: Huge thanks to Bruce Nott, who contacted me earlier today to let me know he had a RED-THROATED LOON at Orange Lake. Not only that, he came back out in the evening and was present with his scope on the bird when I arrived! You can’t ask for any more than that! It was a beautiful bird, we had distant (of course), but good looks in our scopes. I tried for photos but they came out terribly; the bird was just too darn far. I was pretty excited as it was my 213th bird in Orange County this year and also a county life bird (#236). Excellent birding!

4 thoughts on “11/28/16 – OC Red-throated Loon!”

  1. Thanks to Bruce’s text early today I was at the lake fairly quickly and met him there and he had his scope on the lovely bird in less than a minute. The fifth time that I have ever had RTLO in Orange County. It’s always a very “elegant” loon!

    1. Jo – I love loons too, and like you said, they are very difficult to photograph around here. But, I have done very well photographing Common Loons up in the Adirondacks in the summer and also both Common and Red-throated Loons on the Jersey Shore in the winter. Beautiful birds each of them in their way. Matt

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