OC Connecticut Warbler = #200!

~ WOW!  CONNECTICUT WARBLER at Winding Waters Trail, 9/23/16.~

I went out to the Winding Waters Trail at Walkill River National Wildlife Refuge two times today, hoping to relocate one of the two Connecticut Warblers that Rob Stone had there this week. I was there in the morning, but unfortunately there was no sign of the bird(s).

I ended up going back in the evening, as I was walking the trail a bird popped up out of the underbrush and perched about 4 feet up. I looked in my binoculars and saw the prominent eye ring and began taking photos. It was a CONNECTICUT WARBLER! The bird quickly returned to the underbrush and I never saw or heard it again. This is a life bird for me (#370), and also, more excitingly, my 200th bird in Orange County this year! I, of course, wish I’d gotten better photos, but really, I’m happy to have gotten any shots at all. Huge thanks once again to Rob Stone, what an excellent bird!

~ I’m including several poor photos of the bird; Connecticut Warbler at Wallkill River’s Winding Waters Trail, 9/23/16.~
~CONW at Winding Waters Trail, 9/23/16.~
~One more angle; Connecticut Warbler at Winding Waters Trail, 9/23/16.~

12 thoughts on “OC Connecticut Warbler = #200!”

  1. CONGRATUATIONS, Matt, that’s an OUTSTANDING bird and it’s one that I have only seen once and that one was NOT in the county! I hope you see others. This is THE time of year for them.

  2. Matt,
    Congratulations and remember, any shot of a Connecticut Warbler is a great shot! They don’t happen very often, good for you! John

  3. Nice get Matt especially for county bird #200. It’s always a thrill when you can see one yet alone manage a photo!

    1. Thanks Denise, and yes Lincoln’s was #201 and then on Sunday I got the Tennessee, which was #202! Pretty good birding weekend for me! Matt

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