Orange County Bonaparte’s Gull, 3/15/16

~A single Bonaparte’s Gull with 4 Ring-billed Gulls in the foreground at Wickham Lake, 3/15/16.~ 

QUICK POST: Huge thanks to Bruce Nott who texted me to let me know he had located a BONAPARTE’S GULL at Wickham Lake earlier today while I was at work. I ran for the bird after I got out and luckily it was still around, floating in the distance among a large group of Ring-billed Gulls.

~While I was trying to photograph the BOGU, I heard a call that I hadn’t heard before. I looked around and saw that it was from a female Bufflehead. I had photographed her with a male a little bit earlier, but when she called the male was nowhere to be seen. Moments later the male flew in and settled right next to the female. Wickham Lake, 3/15/16.~ 

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