Basha Kill 9/15/12

I put my kayak into the water at the Basha Kill right at sunrise this morning. It was a chilly paddle at first, but as the sun made it over the mountain it warmed up quickly. There were many Wood Ducks flying over and I came across at least a half a dozen Great Blue Herons as I paddled the channel. I spotted a couple of falcons that darted behind the trees before I could get a good ID on them. Ironically the highlight of my paddle this morning came when I stopped at Haven Road and got out of my kayak to chat with fellow birder/blogger John Haas (The Bashakill Birder). We watched as a Merlin flew across Haven Road and then chased a Mourning Dove over the kill and around the corner. The Merlin was overhead again shortly after that and then perched on a tree right on Haven road, giving me a good opportunity to get a photo:

Merlin on Haven Road at the Basha Kill
Two of the many Wood Ducks that flew over as I paddled the channel.

After my paddle, I headed over to the Deli Fields to have a look around:

Eastern Phoebe at the Basha Kill Deli Fields
A sad looking American Goldfinch at the Deli Fields
Song Sparrow posing at the Deli Fields

7 thoughts on “Basha Kill 9/15/12”

  1. Nice pics, Matt Geo! I’m glad you got to see a Merlin. I think all the little birds like perching on the wire fencing around the new trees at the Deli Fields. Good luck tomorrow at hawk watch.

  2. Matt,
    Nice seeing you this morning. You may have heard that we did indeed have a fantastic day at the hawk watch. We ended the day at 6PM with 1,215 hawks seen. This was a record for us. I will email you some info on the hawk watch this evening. Best, John

  3. Beautiful shots. I am kayaking tomorrow at the Bashakill. I too, am an amateur birder and see many birds from my kayak. I hope I have good luck!

  4. I may head up there Sunday. Great photos here. May I ask what section of Basha Kill is considered the Deli Fields? I have been to most spots up there, not sure which one is called what.

    1. If you take 209 S past Haven Road, keep going until you see a deli on the right. Take a left right across from the deli, I believe there is a Basha Kill WMA sign there. It is a gravel road that cuts through the deli fields and ends at the water. Plenty of places to park.

      1. I know the road you speak of, oddly enough I have never been to that section of the bash before. Did not make it this weekend though.

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