~VESPER SPARROW at Wickham Woodlands Town Park area, 10/20/15.~

As I left Mount Peter Hawkwatch this evening after work, I received a call from Rob Stone. He had several VESPER SPARROWS in the area near Wickham Woodlands Town Park earlier in the day. I was heading to the park already, so I went to check it out. After a little bit of searching, and just before the sun got too low for photos, I located one and then two Vesper Sparrows, skulking in the grass. The bold eyering was seen very easily, even without binoculars. In my photos, other identifying features can also be seen: white outer tail feathers on a fairly short tail, large bill, and pale-centered dark ear coverts. I mistakenly thought that this was a life bird, but when I got home I entered the observation into eBird and I saw that I had one when I was in Colorado back in 2013!  I can barely remember that bird and I was unable to get photos, so today was much more fulfilling since I got such good looks and photographs too. Plus, it is nice to be able to add the bird to my Orange County year list and life list. Huge thanks to Rob Stone for the heads up!

~VESPER SPARROW, Wickham Woodlands Town Park area, 10/20/15.~

10 thoughts on “Orange County VESPER SPARROW!”

    1. Thanks John. I can’t believe I had that bird already! I had no recollection of it until I went on eBird. Now I remember, but just barely. I have to look at my lists more, I think! Matt

  1. Lovely photos, Matt, of a beautiful little bird. You seem to have found a very productive birding spot in the new Wickham Woodlands town park.

    1. Thanks Kathy, glad you like the shots. And, yes WWTP looks like it might be a really good spot, I’m really glad Rob turned me on to it. Matt

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