Orange County Baird’s Sandpiper (x4!), 9/4/15

~Two of 4 Baird’s Sandpipers at Turtle Bay this evening, 9/4/15. HEAVY crop here. ~

QUICK POST: It’s Friday night so I’ll do my best to make this quick. Rob Stone located 4 BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS out at Turtle Bay this morning. I went for the birds when I got out of work in the evening and was able to relocate them, so I put the word out. When I first arrived, I got nice scope views of the birds and was able to snap some documentary photos. By the time Linda Scrima and Maria Loukeris joined me, the birds had gradually worked their way to the back of the field, out of photo range but they still got decent looks in the scope. Click here to see what this beautiful bird actually looks like – I got great looks and photos of a Baird’s last year in Sullivan County. Huge thanks to Rob Stone for the heads up on these birds.

~Baird’s Sandpiper with Killdeer Turtle Bay 9/4/15.~

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