Just Because They’re Cute…

~Killdeer chick at Apollo Plaza, 5/25/15.~

This afternoon, Tricia and I took a drive to Apollo Plaza to see and take photos of the Killdeer chicks. What a joy to see these little fuzzballs with their over-sized legs and feet. I think I missed out on photographing any Killdeer last year, so when I saw one in the distance at 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary this morning, it got me thinking that I should not miss out again this year. Just because they’re cute.




14 thoughts on “Just Because They’re Cute…”

  1. They are so sweet, Matt

    I haven’t gotten to see any yet, but I learned a VALUABLE lesson this weekend.

    NEVER NEVER delete in the field!!! I came home and see that I indeed got 2 life birds that I thought I didn’t get!!


  2. Matt
    The life birds were Worm-eating Warbler and Yellow-throated Vireo.

    It is a real thrill when you see something new!!!


  3. I love killdeer. We used to have so many of them and I enjoyed hearing them until my neighbor decided to mow his 11 acres instead of letting it natural. Last year my husband and I stopped traffic just past the jail to allow the mama killdeer run her chicks across the road. She did 3 chicks all separately.

    1. I love them too, Jennifer. That must have been a treat to see them crossing the road like that; very lucky for you and for them as well. Matt

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