A Serious Case of PFBS

~Blue-winged Warbler at Sterling Forest State Park, Ironwood Road, 5/16/15.~

Since my return from Florida I have gotten out and done a lot of local birding whereI have seen and heard many birds, yet it has not felt overly fulfilling. I was thinking about it today and that’s when I realized that I am not well; I am suffering from a case of Post Florida Birding Syndrome. A while back, Linda Scrima warned me that this would happen. Who would have guessed that it would difficult to transition from taking super close-up photos of multiple life birds every day to trying to locate the smallest of birds among the leaves in the highest treetops?

The good news is that I think I’ve found a remedy:  I’m thinking back on all the amazing first-of-the-year birds that I’ve had in the eight days since I’ve been back. The list is 50 species long just for Orange County! What better indication is there of all the great birding that is going on right now? And the Mearns Bird Club had their BREAK 100 event this weekend; every team but one had over 100 species in 24 hours! How awesome is that? Additionallhy, while they were not Florida-close, I did manage to get some decent photos during the week. It makes me think about what a great pastime birding is, how there are amazing birds at every turn and that you never know what the next big thing will be.

~Scarlet Tanager at Pochuck Mountain State Forest, 5/17/15.~
~An American Redstart sings his heart out at Pochuck Mountain State Forest, 5/16/15.~
~I got my lifer GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER on Thursday with no photos. When I went back on Saturday I managed to get at least a usable shot. Sterling Forest State Park, Ironwood Drive 5/16/15.~

For those that are interested, these are the new birds added to my Orange County List in the last eight days:

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.11.13 PM

6 thoughts on “A Serious Case of PFBS”

  1. Matt, I loved your stuff from Florida, but personally, I’m glad you’re back home – the local stuff you shoot is so much more interesting to me than the exotic Florida stuff. I’m an artist, too, but I work with the watercolor brush (I also do graphics on the computer, but painting wildlife, especially birds, is my first love art-wise; if you get a spare minute, have a look at my site!).

    Anyway, my point is that there are thousands of bird photographers out there, but I’ve not found anyone who frames the shots like you do. I love the extreme verticals or horizontals on some of your crops, and the extra information you leave in the shots – like placing the blue-winged warbler at the bottom of the frame, so the leaves at the top are still there. Excellent photography, but the addition of the artistry to the shots makes your work above and beyond everything else out there. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Tim. I think the local stuff is possibly the biggest draw of the blog, maybe for some more experienced birders and photographers it’s to see what birds are around at a given time and maybe for the less experienced, it is to see the variety of birds that can actually be seen so close to home. When I post from our trips, it’s a nice change of pace for me (and hopefully for readers), but really, it’s always good to get back and see what the local action is.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the photos so much, I was smiling as I read your comment because I put some effort into making that Blue-winged Warbler shot work while still being able to keep those leaves at the top! I will certainly check out your site (www.pinkstondesignart.com) when I get a minute tonight. Matt

  2. Matt
    I agree with Tim.

    I have told you many times before that I like the artistic look of some of your photos.
    Some actually come across looking like a beautiful painting instead of a photo. Keep up the great work!!!


  3. It’s all good, no matter the state! Especially for those of us who’ve been a bit restricted in travel out of the tri-state area. Just got back from Cape May and found I have a similar disorder to PFBS, though the birds often weren’t as close as in FL. You lucky duck with the GWWA shot! I finally saw one about a week ago after MANY years of searching, but couldn’t get a photo of it. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Marianne, I was just happy to see the GWWA, the photo was a nice bonus! Cape May must have been awesome this time of year. Matt

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