Glenmere Lake Red-necked Grebes

~The bird on the left spent most of the time I was there tucked in, as seen in this photo. This is a heavy crop of a distant shot of two Red-necked Grebes at Glenmere Lake, 4/23/15.~

QUICK POST: After work this afternoon, I checked out several waterfowl spots in southern Orange County without much going on until I got to Glenmere Lake, where from the fishing dock I saw two distant birds on the water. They were all tucked in and quite far – I was thinking RED-NECKED GREBES, but I was not sure. I followed the trail that runs along the water’s edge, heading southwest for about a half mile to get a better look. At first I had trouble relocating the birds, but once I did, I was sure they were RNGRs. I spent some time on the shore getting good looks in my binoculars and great views through the scope. The birds slowly worked their way towards me a little bit and I was able to get some usable photos, the light even improved a little to help me out.

~Two Wood Ducks that were working their way along the shore finally realized I was there and fled across the lake, past the two grebes. It was the only time the second Red-necked Grebe looked up. Glenmere Lake, 4/23/15.~

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