A Little Catch-Up

~I have this as a Greater Scaup based on the shape of its head – to me it has a pretty evenly domed rear crown. Glenmere Lake, 4/15/15.~ 

QUICK POST: There has been some interesting waterfowl movement in Orange County in recent weeks, which I have not posted about here on the blog. I have reported a couple of times recently to the Mearns Bird Club, but between not having much time and honestly not getting any good photos (most birds have been quite distant), I haven’t posted here. Here’s list of highlights from some of my recent sightings:

4/9/15, Greenwood Lake: 11 Common Loon

4/9/15, Glenmere Lake: 11 Bufflehead, 3 Common Merganser, 1 Ruddy Duck, 6 Common Loon, 1 Red-necked Grebe

4/14/15, Glenmere Lake: 10 Bufflehead, 8 Scaup (Lesser??? I’m not sure, these birds were very distant), 3 Common Loon, 9 Horned Grebe

Today – 4/15/15, Glenmere Lake: 3 Bufflehead, 1 Greater Scaup, 2 Common Loon

*One final exciting thing for me – my Canon 70D is repaired and has been shipped back to me. I’m not sure when it will arrive, but hopefully for the weekend!

~I have seen many Common Loons this spring, but I’m yet to have one close enough for a decent photo. This one was at Glenmere Lake on 4/14/15.~
I came across this Red-tailed Hawk in my travels yesterday on Mt. Eve Road.
I came across this Red-tailed Hawk in my travels yesterday, 4/14/15, on Mt. Eve Road.


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