~Snow Geese in flight over Onion Avenue in New Hampton NY, 3/17/15.~

Last night I was at the Liberty Loop viewing platform just before sunset. There was much bird movement, particularly waterfowl. Many Canada Geese were flying over, from south to north. Mallards were circling around the reserve and Northern Pintails were doing the same. The highlight, however was a single skein of maybe 150 Snow Geese that flew over very high and pretty well east of the viewing platform. So today after work, I was on a goose chase. I found fewer Canada Geese than I would have expected, but numbers were certainly up with Canadas being seen at Scenic Farms Golf Course, the Camel Farm, Turtle Bay Road, Pierce Circle and Onion Avenue.

Also in the fields between Pierce Circle and Onion Avenue, there was approximately 150 Snow Geese! I was very excited and took some distant photos from Pierce Circle. I moved to Onion Avenue for a closer and better look. And more Snow Geese started to arrive from the south. They were putting on quite a show, picking up, circling and then landing over and over. I had put the word out and Linda Scrima and Maria Loukeris both joined me as the number of SNGOs continued to grow. By the time we left at 7:15, I approximate there were 1500 Snow Geese present. They seemed to be settling down a bit too, so hopefully they will stick around for a little while.

~Lift off! Snow Geese in New Hampton NY, 3/17/15.~
~I like this shot because of the calling second Snow Goose. Onion Avenue, 3/17/15.~

Also of note, I stopped by Glenmere Lake earlier in the afternoon and had 2 Common Goldeneye (as well as 12 Ring-neck Ducks and 8 Common Mergansers). Here’s a distant shot of the two COGOs:

~I thought these two would be the highlight of the day until I found the Snow Geese. Common Goldeneye at Glenmere Lake, 3/17/15.~
~I thought these two would be the highlight of the day until I found the Snow Geese. Common Goldeneye at Glenmere Lake, 3/17/15.~

6 thoughts on “SNOW GEESE!”

    1. It was amazing to see these birds tonight. I say it too often, but they are definitely one of my favorites and I’m glad you found it inspiring. Matt

    1. I hope they stick for you John. I was scanning for Ross’, but the birds were distant and also in corn stalks which made it difficult. Let me know when you find one! Matt

  1. Matt
    this is so frustrating
    I am always at the wrong place!
    I was at the bash tonight watching a few Eagles
    Retirement is sounding better and better every day!!!

    Great shots by the way! Hopefully they will be around. or another group on thurs or friday

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