-BARNACLE GOOSE in Ramsey NJ, Mirror Lake Area, 12/17/14.
-BARNACLE GOOSE in Ramsey NJ, Mirror Lake Area, 12/17/14.

I got out of work a little bit late this afternoon, but I still had time to try for the BARNACLE GOOSE which had been reported in Ramsey, New Jersey on eBird. I tried for the bird yesterday without any luck, but today it worked out great. I got my lifer BAGO and it did not disappoint – what a super bird! I was able to get very good looks and my photos, while quite grainy due to the low light, still made me very happy. The Barnacle Goose has been sort of a nemesis bird for me. There have been a few Barnacle Geese that have been reported in the NY/NJ area in the past several years. There was one in Orange County back in 2012 that eluded me as did the one in the Bronx last year (which I only tried for one time). There was a Barnacle Goose reported at this same location last year and I tried for it several times but struck out each time. So, it was VERY satisfying to finally see this bird. If you are planning to go for this bird, please contact me and I will give you details.

– Another look at the BARNACLE GOOSE in Bergen County today, 12/17/14.

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  1. Thank goodness you were able to guide me to find it, now at least 2 people are happy it is where it is! The property manager asked if I knew how to get rid of them!

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