Foggy Morning Great Blue Heron Lift Off

I’ve been wanting to post this series of photos for a while. I took these back on July 18th while kayaking at the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area. It was an extremely foggy morning, so much so that until late in the morning, the fog prevented any good photos. This Great Blue Heron was shot just as the fog had lifted.

I allowed the kayak to just drift in the direction of this perched Great Blue Heron. Bashakill WMA, 7/18/14.
I allowed the kayak to just drift in the direction of this perched Great Blue Heron…
I love this shot – you can barely see the bird as it compresses before lift off. I actually had one frame where the bird was not visible at all. 
The heron seems to simultaneously leap and flap its wings to take off…
Air born! Miraculously the bird took off straight to my left instead of away from me. I love the full extension in this photo. 
I’m not sure if this is due to my crop or if the heron actually got a little closer as it passed by…
…And one more shot as the bird passed to my left. 

4 thoughts on “Foggy Morning Great Blue Heron Lift Off”

  1. Matt
    I like this series. I’ve watched the Egrets as they take off and it IS like they shove off before their wings actually move air. It amazes me because it shows such power in their legs and wings.


  2. These pictures demonstrate why I never get tired of this bird. They’re so interesting to watch, and very photogenic. Nice job with these pictures, Matt.

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