Which Dowitcher?

_MG_1962_MG_1939I had a pair of Dowitchers out at 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary this evening, between 5:00 and 6:00. I do not know whether they were Long-billed or Short-billed. I did hear them call, and my immediate thought was Long-billed, but I am not familiar enough with the calls to make a positive ID. Please comment if you get these birds or if you have any thoughts on the ID. Thanks!

10/5/13 РHere a several more shots of the birds from various angles. _MG_1846_MG_1852_MG_1870_MG_1913_MG_1949_MG_2056_MG_2064


4 thoughts on “Which Dowitcher?”

  1. Matt,
    I was able to view the birds this morning from about 9 to 10am. while I have had minimal experience with this species, I feel quite sure these are indeed Long-billed Dowitchers. The birds have dull gray breasts and under-parts, the flanks are barred, The bills are extremely long and most importantly, the tertials are clean and clear with no cross markings on them. This almost cinches the ID as Long-billed Dowitcher. Add to that the late date (it is generally thought that any dowitcher that shows up inland after Oct. 1st is most likely a Long-billed) and it is almost a sure bet. Great find! Congratulations! John Haas

  2. Thanks so much John, I’m really glad you got to see the birds today and give me your take on them. I put photos up on NY Birders on Facebook and the consensus there was Long-billed as well.

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