Stilt Sandpiper?

_MG_1651I believe I had a Stilt Sandpiper out at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge between 5 and 6 o’clock this evening. I am feeling pretty good about this ID, but having only ever seen the bird once before, I am not totally convinced . If you have any thoughts on the identification of this bird please weigh in; you can make a comment here or email me at Here are a few more photos: _MG_1669_MG_1611_MG_1615_MG_1608

4 thoughts on “Stilt Sandpiper?”

  1. Matt,
    I would say it is definitely a Stilt Sandpiper. The shots with the Greater Yellowlegs are very compelling. They show the extreme difference is size between the two. Definitely smaller than the Lesser as well. Nice find! John

  2. Hi Matt. Good thing you got in under the wire! This may be the same bird that one of our club members saw in the same area on Sept. 24th; I tried chasing it on the 25th & failed to get it. Then again, either my eyes or my scope need adjusting…The 2nd photo was my favorite.

  3. Hello Marianne, good to hear from you – I was glad to get that bird but bummed that no one else had a chance after because of the shutdown.

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