Hurricane Birding on the Hudson, 08/04/20

QUICK POST: Today would have been a good day to get out of work early. As it was, I had a hellacious work day and ended up working pretty late. I did make it out the Newburgh Waterfront in time for one darn good bird late in the evening: a hatch year LAUGHING GULL. The bird was hanging out with a number of Ring-billed Gulls on the docks by Blue Pointe restaurant. Earlier in the evening, I missed some good birds. Rob Stone had two SOOTY TERNS fly south along the river, as well as another unidentified tern. Also, Bruce Nott, after putting in a lot of time at the river, went to Washington Lake and located a Common/Forster’s Tern there. And finally, while not not on the river, Linda Scrima had a Short-billed Dowitcher in the puddles at Turtle Bay. Once again, bad weather = good birds.

~Juvenile Laughing Gull at the Newburgh Waterfront, 08/0420.~
~One more shot of the Laughing Gull at the Newburgh Waterfront, 08/0420.~

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Birding on the Hudson, 08/04/20”

  1. Did not get out to see the storm related birds. Too busy cleaning up downed trees here. Did get the Reeve at Whitesbog before . Yesterday I went out to eastern Pa for the swallow tailed kite and on to Waretown for the Miss. kite later. This was my first 2 kite day.

    1. That’s the way it went with that storm Bruce – folks either got good birds or they got screwed with power outages and trees down. Nice job with the Reeve and the kites. Matt

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