Saturday, 05/23/20

Low tide in Newburgh was at 7:52 this morning. With that in mind, I headed over to the Hudson River in hopes of getting some shorebirds on the mudflats of Cornwall Bay. As luck would have it, upon my arrival I had 3 unidentified peeps in flight, heading north, never to return. Sigh. From there, I went to the waterfront and ran into birding bud, Bruce Nott on the way. He informed me that the LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was still present. I enjoyed my best looks at the bird, as well as some decent photo ops (in spite of the poor lighting).

~Beautiful bird. Lesser Black-backed Gull in flight, Newburgh Waterfront 5/23/20.~
~LBBG in Newburgh this morning, 05/23/20.~

Afterwards, Bruce and I met up at Ironwood Drive in Sterling Forest State Park. We enjoyed a pleasant late morning of birding; the cool rainy weather made it quite pleasant and the birds remained quite active. Highlights included our target birds Golden-winged Warbler and Brewster’s Warbler. A bonus was hearing a White-eyed Vireo. The bird called for about 2 minutes, never showed itself, and then nothing! Frustrating, but still very cool. Pics were tough, I included shots of the Brewster’s in my eBird report, but just for documentary purposes. I do, however, have several shots from the past week or so that I’m including here:

~I forgot about this shot – Chimney Swift at 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary, 05/13/20.~
~This is one of a pair of Worm-eating Warblers that I followed down the trail at Sterling Forest last weekend, 05/17/20.~
~This is a bird that has been scarce for me this year – Veery at Sterling Forest 05/17/20.~
~Chipping Sparrow at Sterling Forest SP, 05/17/20.~

4 thoughts on “Saturday, 05/23/20”

    1. Thanks Dave! You can imagine how many photos were deleted to get one decent image! It was fun to try, I don’t know if I’ve ever spent any time trying to shoot them before. Matt

  1. Good to get your report of Sterling Forest. Jose and I are thinking of going there tomorrow and then on to the grasslands . Had proto, hooded, worm eating and yellow throated in South Jersey yesterday. Also had about 100 Red Knox st Reeds beach. We still need golden winged and cerulean as well as the hybrids. (. And others ). Do you know if the upland sandpipers and Henslows have been seen at the grasslandd?

    1. Thanks for checking in Bruce. I haven’t seen anything for Henslow’s nor for Uppies at the grasslands yet. Good luck if you go, I’ll be curious to know how you make out. Matt

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