05/03/20: Backyard LINCOLN’S SPARROW!

This evening, Tricia and I were sitting on the back deck having a cocktail. Tricia stepped inside for something and I took the opportunity to check out a wren that was making a racket on the far side of one of the evergreens. I made my way around, but I couldn’t locate the bird until it flushed into the neighbor’s yard. Meanwhile, the wren was replaced with another bird – I got my bins on it and was very surprised to see it was a LINCOLN’S SPARROW!

~Beautiful bird! LINCOLN’S SPARROW, my yard, Goshen NY 05/03/20.~

I didn’t have my camera with me, so, barely moving a muscle I reached into my pocket and quietly called Tricia. Thankfully she answered immediately; I asked her to bring me my camera. I kept my eye on the bird while Tricia smoothly walked the camera out to me; the bird hadn’t moved an inch! I clicked away like mad, I was shaking from the excitement, so I knew there would be a lot of throwaways. The bird changed its perch one time before disappearing behind the evergreen and we never saw it again. Lincoln’s Sparrow in my back yard! I’m still floored by this!

~LINCOLN’S SPARROW, my yard, Goshen NY 05/03/20.~

6 thoughts on “05/03/20: Backyard LINCOLN’S SPARROW!”

  1. Do not have this for the year or as a yard bird. My best yard bird was a yellow throated warbler. Between yesterday and this afternoon I got about 21 year birds. Went to Brig and Bellplain yesterday. Quiet on Warner’s but goog on shorebirds

    1. Yellow-throated Warbler would be a lifer for me, lol. That’s a great yard bird. You did well on the weekend, nice job. Matt

  2. The best spot in New Jersey for yellow throated warbler is Bellplain State Park in South Jersey. The are usually found behind the headquarters building. Have been getting them there for a number of years. Had one Saturday . They breed there.

  3. Wow, what a great yard bird and in vibrant spring plumage no less! You better not sit outside without your camera from now on!

    1. It’s a beautiful bird, isn’t it? I usually have my camera handy, but the yard had almost no bird activity, so I didn’t have it out. Lesson learned! Matt

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