A Good Morning at Goosepond Mountain, 05/02/20

In spite of a late start, I had an excellent morning of birding at Goosepond Mountain State Park. I walked for over 3 1/2 hours and it was quite productive. I had a total of 41 species, 12 of which were year birds for me. Highlights included: BLUE-HEADED VIREO, BLUE-WINGED WARBLER, BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER, and BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLER. I also had a pair of Broad-winged Hawks, deep in the woods. On my way out, I had one with a fresh kill (chipmunk). On my way back I watched as the two birds copulated high in the trees. It was pretty cool.

~Yellow-rumped Warblers were quite numerous at Goosepond Mountain today, a conservative estimate would
~For as often as I hear this bird, I rarely get photographs. Carolina Wren at Goosepond Mountain, 05/02/20.~
~Blue-headed Vireo, Goosepond Mountain 05/02/20.~
~Broad-winged Hawk with chipmunk. Goosepond Mountain 05/02/20.~

I also had a couple of interesting yard birds this week. Who knew what I’ve been missing by going in to work every day? Working from home certainly has its advantages.

~I was sitting at my desk working and I caught a bird landing in one of our trees out of the corner of my eye. I was certainly surprised to see it was a Wood Duck!!! My yard, Goshen NY 04/27/20.~
~Tricia spied this Wood Thrush out our kitchen window and called me in. I grabbed my camera a got a few shots – all with its back to me – before the bird took off. My yard, Goshen NY 05/01/20.~

4 thoughts on “A Good Morning at Goosepond Mountain, 05/02/20”

  1. Beautiful photos, Matt! I’m so happy yours was such a productive morning at Goosepond Mountain, especially your finding of the Broad-wing pair. I was at Goosepond Mountain South very early yesterday morning and observed your pair as they circled and called to one another in courtship overhead. It was so exciting!
    You captured the incredible lighting from yesterday morning just beautifully in your photos!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy. And that’s exciting that you also got to see the Broad-wings. I’m really hoping that they breed there, that would be excellent. Matt

    1. It’s definitely getting to be the more interesting and exciting time of the year, with loads of new birds coming through daily. Thanks for checking in. Matt

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