Ireland Teaser

~European Goldfinch in Rossadillisk Townland, County Galway, Ireland 07/09/18.~

I had a fantastic week in Connemara, Ireland, a  district located on the west coast of the country, in the northwest corner of County Galway. The biggest surprise of the week was, in spite of renting a house right on the beach, I spent a large portion of my birding time with the local passerines. Songbirds were numerous on the road leading to our house and I walked it nearly every morning, trying to find and identify Irish passerines. I have loads of photos to get through, so I will put together a post or two as soon as I can. Until then, enjoy this European Goldfinch, a bird that reminded me very much of our own American Goldfinches.

Off to Ireland!





~ Common Murres at the Cliffs of Moher, back in early April of 1012 – that’s over 6 years ago.. I took this photo just days after getting my first bigger lens, the original Canon 100-400mm zoom, and I started the blog less than a month later, on May 02, 2012.  Time flies, I guess. I’m not sure if I’ll make it back to the Cliffs of Moher this trip, but hopefully  I will.~

Tonight, Tricia and I are flying to Ireland for a week of vacation. It’s been a while since we were there and I am excited because I feel like both my birding and my photography have improved to an extent that will make the trip that much more enjoyable for me. Because it’s a family vacation, I don’t have any concrete plans yet for birding; I think I’m going to mostly play it by ear, but regardless I know I’ll get out a good bit and it should hopefully be interesting. Stay tuned – with any luck, I will publish my first post about it a week from Sunday (07/15/18).