Strange Days

Lucky for us, birding is one of the few things that will not immediately be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. I hope if at all possible, everyone is getting out, enjoying and appreciating doing what we love to do so much. For me, it’s actually been a bit of a mixed bag. I was hoping that birding would be a welcome escape from the realities of our new world. And it has been, but only to an extent. It’s been good to get out, but, I can’t escape this feeling of agita in the pit of my stomach.

~Mourning Dove in the early morning light at Wickham Lake, 03/22/20.~

Of course my primary concern is the health of everyone and particularly everyone in my world. I’m just hoping we can all get through this as unscathed as possible. And then, the economic impact is also weighing on me. The big picture, the impact nationwide and worldwide is terrifying. And again, for myself and those close to me, knowing there will be struggles, I’m just hoping for the best for everyone. It’s going to be tough. And, maybe the worst thing about it is not knowing how bad it will get and how long it will go on. It’s hard to wrap my head around it. I know folks didn’t visit the blog to read more about Coronavirus, and I won’t go on and on about it, but it’s what is dominating my thoughts these days, so I felt compelled to at least write little bit. That said, I’ll get to some birds.

~This European Starling spent time messing around with the cavity just below him. Then, he perched on top and began calling and chattering/clicking his bill. It was pretty cool to witness. Wickham Lake, 03/22/20.~

It was a weekend of waterfowl. I couldn’t even keep up with the eBird reports and the Mearns Bird Club app reports (mostly from Bruce Nott – thanks Bruce!). I birded the lakes of southern Orange County (among other spots) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Highlights included:

  • (1) CANVASBACK, (2) Long-tailed Ducks, (3) Greater Scaup, and (2) Horned Grebe at Wickham Lake, 03/20/20.
  • (2) Lesser Scaup and (9) Horned Grebe, Wickham Lake, 03/21/20.
  • (2) Blue-winged Teal at Beaver Pond, 03/21/20.
  • (3) Ruddy Duck at Wickham Lake, 03/22/20.

Other good birds included an Eastern Meadowlark at Lower Wisner Road, Rusty Blackbirds at Wickham Lake on Friday and Sunday, and (10) Wilson’s Snipe at Wisner Road Wetlands. The meadowlark was my first in OC in over a year, so that was a good one for me. Photo ops were few and far between, so I took advantage of seeing some more common birds in good light at Wickham Lake on Sunday morning.

As I mentioned in beginning of this post, I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoying some birding if they can. Keep the faith.

~Common Grackle performing what I believe is courtship behavior; there was a second bird just to the left of this bird, out of frame. Wickham Lake, 03/22/20.~

4 thoughts on “Strange Days”

  1. Matt I share many of your very real concerns but am confident that God has everything in control . Nothing happens without his knowledge. While everything is in a state of convulsion I have the confidence He is in control and turn to Him for peace and safety .
    Was able to get to Brig yesterday . Glad to see the Ospreys back Saw my first yearly meadowlark at the Pole farm today. Still feel I can keep a safe distance from others in these places,
    Am doing long distance teaching at this time . Just turned 77 on Friday

    1. Happy belated birthday Bruce, good that you are doing long distance teaching now. I’ve never been very religious so it’s hard for me to speak on it, but I am truly hoping that you are right and that God has everything in control and that we all will be enjoying peace a safety sooner than later. I’m glad that you have been able to get out and keep a safe distance. Stay well. Matt

    1. Jeff – Sorry for not responding before now, for some reason I did not get an email alert. Thanks for checking in! Matt

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