Sunday Shots, 12/08/19

I got out briefly this morning. It was a very cold, frosty morning with some beautiful light. I wish more birds had been around to photograph, but what can you do. The area of Wisner Road in Warwick was particularly spectacular, with all the trees and bushes being covered in lovely icy crystals. I was looking for Northern Shrike, but I had to settle for icy photographs of Song Sparrows. Glenmere and Wickham Lakes were both completely frozen, but Greenwood Lake was entirely open, with Buffleheads, Common Mergansers, and Ring-billed Gulls present. Oh, and I watched a unidentified falcon chase a Bufflehead across the lake in the distance, about 3 feet above the surface of the water.

~Song Sparrow on Wisner Road, 12/08/19.~
~Another Song Sparrow – Wisner Road, 12/08/19.~
~Bufflehead at Greenwood Lake, 12/08/19. I was photographing this bird – he was being quite accommodating until a woman arrived with her dog, walked right over to where I was and proceeded to throw a stick into the water, the dog followed and that was that, the Bufflehead moved on. Sheesh.~

6 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 12/08/19”

  1. Good shots as always, Matt. Where were the Vesper Sparrows? We have friends coming up from LI and elsewhere and would like to show them if possible.

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