A Different Perspective

As birders, we are really lucky. We are part of what I sometimes think of as a secret club, one that sees the world a little bit differently than everyone else. We have the ability to turn a 3-1/2 hour car ride from Syracuse from drudgery into our own personal nature film, like I did on Sunday evening.  While everyone else is driving along searching in vain to be entertained by the radio, we can just sit back and enjoy the nature show. A Pileated Woodpecker flying across the road to perch on an old wood telephone pole. An American Kestrel hover-hunting over the median. A Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by a gang of American Crows. An adult Bald Eagle soaring at the treetops, and then a young eagle not long after that. Of course much of the drive was just the usuals- but even so, I was getting a kick out of how many Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles, and Brown-headed Cowbirds you can actually see while traveling on the highway.

~I had a nice look at this Orchard Oriole in the black dirt this evening, 06/04/19.~

I wrote the above paragraph for the most part on Sunday night when we got home. Coincidentally, on my way to work this morning there was an accident on the Palisades Parkway and traffic was brought to a dead stop. I was late for work, but I didn’t care. I birded from my now stopped car and saw or heard nearly a dozen species of birds while I waited for the traffic to get moving again. I think it’s a nice way to live.

~Frog Sp. at Wallkill River NWR 05/31/19.~
~Look at the tiny wing on this little dude! Can you believe this gosling will grow up to be a Canada Goose?!?~
~Always a favorite – even if it’s a crappy pic. Grasshopper Sparrow in the Black Dirt, 06/04/19.~
~A White-tailed Deer taking a dip at Wallkill River NWR, 05/31/19.~

14 thoughts on “A Different Perspective”

  1. You are so right Matt.
    We are lucky, we nature lovers. Whether it be
    birds, bugs, plants, flowers or other critters we
    have the good life!!!!

    Glad you had time to enjoy the show.


  2. Deer often visit my yard so I have to read up on plants they don’t eat. Had I not seen your pic I wouldn’t have looked them up. Now I know they are strong swimmers.

    There was a bird hopping about just outside my front door and I wondered what it was. Now I know it’s an oriole. I think the noisy one that’s up in the tree must also be an oriole.

    Yes, nature lovers are lucky. They can pause and not feel harried by time passing.

  3. Anyone who is connected to Nature is witness to some amazing moments. WE are the fortunate ones. Right now, I have 6 Wild Turkeys combing my backyard for insects, pretty soon they will bring their offspring to visit. When I step outside, they won’t even flinch, knowing that I mean them no harm. Your photographs are a wonderful insight to what’s “out there” when WE can’t be. And, what an education you are providing! Thank You 🙂

    1. Patty that is very exciting for you – I always enjoy seeing young Wild Turkeys. I’m glad you are enjoying and getting some education from the blog – that makes me happy. Matt

  4. I stopped to see a friend yesterday in the Warwick area. As we sat on her patio and chatted, I counted 15 species of birds calling from the woods. Just can’t turn it off!!

    1. No, Karen you can’t turn it off! I have a list on my desk at work of birds I’ve seen out the window… Matt

  5. Not only is there a different perspective but an expanded one as well. As a birder,appreciator of all manner of plants and butterflies,as well as a historian and geographer the level of wonder and newness is sometimes almost overwhelming. A tribute to the Creator ! Some years ago I started a list of bird s seen from airplane windows. Highlights have been flying above a king vulture in Costa Rica , looking out at a flock of flamingos in Mozambique, and getting a quick glance of some rheas as we approached an airport in eastern Bolivia.
    Picking up a few more birds each week. Added golden wing this week- off of Van Orden Rd in Passaic co.

    1. Bruce, your bird list from airplane windows is AWESOME. I love that idea, although I don’t see nearly as many birds out the airplane window as I would hope, and certainly not the great birds you’ve had – excellent! Nice job with the Golden-winged Warbler – I keep meaning to go for them at Sterling but still haven’t done. Matt

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