Excellent Morning, 04/14/19

Birding bud Bruce Nott invited me to join him out at Stewart State Forrest’s Route 207 Marsh this morning. We met up at the marsh just after 7:00 am and we had a great morning. My number one goal was to see some OC shorebirds, and we did pretty well with 5 species:

  • Lesser Yellowlegs (3)
  • Greater Yellowlegs (1)
  • Wilson’s Snipe (25)
  • Killdeer (6)
  • Solitary Sandpiper (4)
~Eastern Phoebe at the 207 Marsh, 04/14/19.~

Unexpectedly, at least to me, we also did pretty well with warblers, with four species.

  • Yellow-rumped Warbler (4)
  • Palm Warbler (2)
  • Pine Warbler (2)
  • Louisiana Waterthrush(1)
~A nice look at one of the 2 Palm Warblers we had today at the 207 Marsh, 04/14/19.~

It was super birding all morning; the birds were abundant and active, Bruce is just awesome to hang out with, and in the end we had a total 43 species. I added 10 Orange County year birds, which is nice too:

  1. Blue-winged Teal
  2. Barn Swallow
  3. Lesser Yellowlegs
  4. Greater Yellowlegs
  5. Solitary Sandpiper
  7. Pine Warbler
  8. Yellow-rumped Warbler
  9. Louisiana Waterthrush
  10. Palm Warbler
~Lousy pic, but I was happy to see this Pine Warbler. Route 207 Marsh, 04/14/19.~
~Wood Duck on a nice perch at the 207 Marsh, 04/14/19.~
~Documentary shot of a distant Lesser Yellowlegs. All the shorebirds were distant, but still so good to see them. 207 Marsh, 04/14/19.~

2 thoughts on “Excellent Morning, 04/14/19”

  1. Caught up on a few yearly sparrows sat.-chipping,swamp,and field. Glad to see that the towhees and purple martins are back. Also had my first yearly L. Waterthrush

    1. Ha, Purple Martin is one of the birds I missed last year in OC. It was nice to hear the call of the Louisiana Waterthrush! Matt

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