Sunday Shots, 04/07/19

I got out this morning and hit several southern Orange County lakes – Glenmere, Wickham, Greenwood, Walton, and Round. These days I have several birds on my mind that I’m hoping for: Loons, Long-tailed Ducks, Scoters, Grebes, Caspian Tern, and Bonaparte’s Gull. I did well with Common Loons, finding them at 3 locations – Wickham, Greenwood, and Walton Lakes. Besides that, the only success I had was 2 Horned Grebes at Wickham Lake, in beautiful breeding plumage (boy do I wish those birds were closer to shore!). I also made a brief stop in the black dirt, hoping for shorebirds (I’d had 30+ Wilson’s Snipe and several Killdeer at Lynch Avenue a couple of times earlier this week – birds originally located by Bruce Nott, I believe). It was a gorgeous but relatively uneventful morning of birding; I did, however, manage to get a few shots.

~Northern Flicker at Greenwood Lake, 04/07/19.~
~It’s not very often I can get a decent Common Loon shot locally. This bird was at Walton Lake and surprisingly was spending some time right near the shore, 04/07/19.~
~Common Loon at Walton Lake, 04/07/19.~
~One final loon pic – COLO at Walton Lake, 04/07/19.~
~This cracked me up because this Fish Crow was actually all the way inside this garbage container out at Wickham Lake, 04/07/19. Anything for a quick meal, I suppose.~
~I counted 88 Ring-billed Gulls in this group in the black dirt, 04/07/19.~

4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 04/07/19”

  1. Went down to South Amboy later this afternoon Esrlier this afternoon black headed and little hills were seen on the spitThe hills when we got there were way out even thought to if by scope. Had several Bonaparte’s and laughing gulls

    1. Yeah, tough to ID gulls at a great distance like that; nice that you had both Bonaparte’s and Laughing. I was really thinking I’d run into a Bonaparte’s today. Hoping anyway. Matt

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