Sunday in Sullivan County, 02/17/19

~EVENING GROSBEAK at the Woodard Road feeders in Sullivan County, 02/17/19.~

My plan for the day was to head up to Sullivan County to see if I could do any good with waterfowl at Rondout Reservoir. Before heading up north, I made an early stop at Glenmere Lake and met up with Kathy Ashman again. She had located 2 GREATER SCAUP and relocated the single LESSER SCAUP. I found the GRSCs easily enough, but never did locate the LESC.

From there, I headed to Rondout Reservoir. John Haas and Karen Miller have recently reported some good waterfowl there; I thought it would be fun to head up that way and see how I could do. It was a worthwhile stop as I had 8 species of waterfowl. The highlight for me was my first COMMON GOLDENEYES of the year. There were 9 present and they were actively feeding and displaying in the furthest corner of open water along with several Hooded Mergansers and 3 female Buffleheads. I would have loved to get some photos, but the birds were just too distant.

This bird was photographed at the Smith Road feeders, 02/17/19.~

I then headed towards Liberty, to visit the feeder stations in hopes of finding Evening Grosbeaks and any other interesting birds. I got lucky and had 12 EVGRs at the Woodard Road feeders and an additional 30 or so at the Smith Road feeders. At Smith Road, it was tough to get an accurate count, as the birds were here and there and coming and going; 30 is a conservative estimation. I tooled around the Liberty area a bit, but ended up heading home without any additional notable birds.

8 thoughts on “Sunday in Sullivan County, 02/17/19”

  1. Matt, your photographs are always lovely, and with your descriptions, I can picture (no pun intended!) the scenery. Goodness, you and Kathy Ashman are such devoted birders! It must be so cold and muddy out there. Brownie points also for John Haas and Karen Miller. I don’t know any of you but I’m enjoying learning from what I see and read. Thank you.

    1. It was really cold out there first thing this morning – 15 degrees! But, it’s always worth it. I’m glad you are getting so much from the blog. Matt

    2. Norma – thank you for the kind words. Matt, John, Kathy and I are all good friends and enjoy birding together. I think I can speak for all of us that we are pleased to hear that you enjoy watching the results of our daily efforts. It’s so much fun, relaxing and something different every day. And Matt is one of the best birding photographers in the area. Karen

  2. Have off tomorrow -Would like to get up to the Liberty area to see the Grossbeaks but the early morning weather does not look good here, would also need some specific directions to the feeder areas. Had a few canvasback on a local pond this afternoon.

  3. Karen Miller, thank you for taking the time to respond. I used to have a condo (the whole complex burned down!) in Sullivan County but now I’m walking distance to Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie. Maybe on a nice spring day your group can come to Poughkeepsie for a cup of tea or a glass of lemonade.
    I much appreciate your birding efforts documented by Matt’s amazing photographs and descriptions. Recently, I had brunch at a working farm and saw this strange-looking fowl. It’s a guinea fowl, which I didn’t recognize since I hadn’t seen one, although I’d eaten one (cooked!).

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. The feeders are private residences, but both homeowners encourage birders to come and visit. I’ve emailed you directly with more information. Good luck if you go. Matt

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