#226 & #227

~Cackling Goose in the Black Dirt Region, 12/29/18.~

So, I seem to be ending the year on a high note. I picked up 2 additional Orange County birds for 2018 in the final week of the year: Eastern Screech Owl and Cackling Goose. I’ve been trying for a Cackling Goose for ages; most years I just happen upon one before too long but this year it took 363 days. This has been my most productive December in regards to OC birds – I’ve added 7 species to my county year list this month.

~One more shot of the Cackling Goose in the Black Dirt Region, 12/29/18.~

9 thoughts on “#226 & #227”

  1. Matt,
    This is amazing! I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone has ever had 227 species in Orange County in one year! Kudos to you! John

    1. Thanks so much John. I know that Rob Stone has surpassed 227, although I can’t remember the exact number right now – I’ll find that out. I also suspect both Ken and Curt McDermott have both surpassed it as well, but that’s pure speculation. Either way, it’s a good number and I’m pretty darn happy, thanks so much. Matt

  2. Great finds. Had 16 Sandhill cranes this morning and got my red headed w,p, this afternoon. Will end up with about 246 species (most in New Jersey ) However I missed some easy species i.e Cedar Waxwing, snipe, woodcock etc. With my full teaching schedule and full time Sunday schedule it is a reasonable number. Also missed Barred owl. Need King Eider as well. Could also add about 30 European species to this list. Have a great New Year,

    1. Thanks Bruce. Sounds to me like you had a really good year, especially considering your schedule. I want to thank you for checking in so often over the year, it’s been interesting to hear about your New Jersey birding, which is so close to us, yet quite different. Matt

  3. In 2007 when we had the YEAR OF THE CHALLENGE, Curt wound up with the highest number 225!

    Therefore it IS doubtful that anyone has ever gotten more birds in a year in Orange County than you did Matt. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ken. I spoke with Rob Stone last night, and in 2011 (the year the black dirt had substantial flooding and loads of shorebirds), he had a boggling 237 species. He also mention that Curt’s number may have been north of 230 that year as well. Either way, I’m super happy with my year, especially considering how my work schedule has cut into my birding time. Matt

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