‘Rebel’-lious Mockingbird

~Northern Mockingbird at Knapp’s Landing, 06/24/18.~ 

After work yesterday I went to Knapp’s Landing in Chester, NY. I wanted to double check that my lens had not been damaged during Sunday’s spill. I’d broken out my old Canon Rebel T2i camera body – I shot the first two years of this blog with this camera body, and now I’m wondering how I did it. I’ve become spoiled with the speed and convenience of my 70D and I was floored at how slow the Rebel was in many respects: focusing, shooting, viewing pics, and changing settings. It was magnified by the fact that I was shooting in RAW; I never shot in RAW back then so it was definitely a lot quicker. That being said, the camera still takes really nice pics. I went to Knapp’s Landing hoping to shoot Bobolinks, but they were more scarce than my previous visit (likely busy breeding), so that didn’t work out. I ended up getting lucky when a pair of Northern Mockingbirds landed in a tree not far off the trail, in good light. I was pleased with the results and it looks like, thankfully, my lens made it through unscathed. Now I just have to wait for my new camera body (Canon 7d Mark II) to arrive later this week…

6 thoughts on “‘Rebel’-lious Mockingbird”

  1. The results only prove that it’s not the camera, but the camera person who’s responsible for your amazing photos. Glad you weren’t hurt, and you’re soon getting your new camera – so we can all continue to enjoy your wonderful photos. So for all our sakes, please stay away from menacing bears and slippery rocks.

    1. Ha ha, Jeff, I don’t know about that, but thanks. I’m hoping to steer clear of bears for a while and, if at all possible, “stay rightside up”. Matt

  2. Hope your new Canon gets to you soon. I had a tripod fall a month ago and the head broke. Will need to replace it soon. Fell on the ice in Sept. and still have some pain in the hip area. May go up to the Meadowlands on Thurs to see if I can get least bittern and sora. Heading out to Ohio on Sat. Know of a pretty reliable Kentucky location.

    1. It’s supposed to arrive on Thursday, fingers crossed. You and your gear have gotten beaten up too Bruce – it’s terrible but these things happen when you get out a lot, I guess. Good luck at the Meadowlands and in Ohio. Matt

  3. Great shot Matt,

    At least there is a back up!!!
    Our cameras are like arms that don’t detach from us.

    Good birding!!


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