An Unexpectedly Nice Evening, 04/30/18

~A Northern Rough-winged Swallow makes a pass at Wickham Lake, 04/30/18.~

Picture this. You spent the day working hard and you are exhausted. But now you are standing on the shore of Wickham Lake in a light rain, listening to a Common Loon perform its eerie call. Swallows buzz over the surface of the lake; you scan persistently and eventually identify 4 of the 5 expected species of swallow: Barn, Tree, Northern Rough-winged, and a beautiful single CLIFF SWALLOW. Your first Solitary Sandpiper of the year works the shore just to your left; a Yellow Warbler and an American Redstart (another FOY) call from the patch of woods near the parking area. And, just like that,  your Monday evening has clearly surpassed expectations.

~I did not imagine I would be photographing any shorebirds close up this evening. Spotted Sandpiper at Wickham Lake, 04/30/18.~ 

6 thoughts on “An Unexpectedly Nice Evening, 04/30/18”

    1. It was great Kathy. And very welcome on a Monday night. Glad you like the pics – I was happy considering the light. Matt

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