Bashakill EURASIAN WIGEON, 03/10/18

~Wow! EURASIAN WIGEON seen from Haven Road at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~

Well, as we all know, timing is crucial when it comes to birding. This week my timing went from poor to excellent. It initially looked to me like I might miss out on seeing the EURASIAN WIGEON that John Haas located on Thursday. Instead, the bird stuck around and when I arrived first thing this morning, it was relatively close to the road and the light was beautiful! I was very excited about this. Wilma Amthor joined me shortly after my arrival, and shortly after that we had a small crowd of birders on the bird, including Diane Bliss, Karen Miller, Scotty Baldinger, Kevin Kreischer, and of course, John. It’s been several years since I’ve seen a Eurasian Wigeon (2014), and I’d forgotten what an absolutely gorgeous bird it is. Additionally, this is my first time seeing the bird in New York State.

~John and I had 4 Eastern Bluebirds hawking insects below the Birch Trail Lookout at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~

I spent the remainder of the morning and the early afternoon at the Bashakill and every bird was a year bird for the county since it was my first birding foray into Sullivan County for 2018.  I was happy that John offered for me to join him to check out the Pine Boat Launch; my car never would have made it down that treacherous pothole-filled road. John also gave a tip to go to the Horseshoe Pulloff for a Winter Wren. The bird was exactly where he said it would be; it was singing but never made an appearance. I managed to get 2 Orange County nemeses birds today: Winter Wren and Fox Sparrow, and I totaled 40 species for the day, which I felt was pretty good. Huge thanks to John for finding and reporting the wigeon, and also for his help and company today.

~Female Hooded Merganser at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~
~Eurasian Wigeon, looking coy, Bashakill 03/10/18.~

16 thoughts on “Bashakill EURASIAN WIGEON, 03/10/18”

  1. Matt,
    Love your shots of the wigion! I can’t believe you got such a great shot of the Blue Bird! I could never have gotten a shot like that. It was a great day and so glad you got the Eurasian Wigeon! John

    1. Thanks John. I knew you would appreciate the bluebird shot, lol! Really great day, thanks again for everything. Matt

  2. Your Wigeon shots are luminous, Matt, and the Bluebird is spectacular! Congratulations on a great day of birding.

  3. Great widgeon shot. Managed to get my year bird at Shark River inlet where it is a regular, Have also had several close views in the Raritan Bay off Perth Amboy. The bluebird flight shot is a real winner. Had a few redheads at Lake Parsippany today. Also a few green winged teal in the Morristown area.

  4. Hi Matt,

    The European Wigeon is truly one of the outstanding waterfowls that ever go through our area and a rarity in all of the local counties. Your shots, as always, are beautiful but that Eastern Bluebird photo actually took my breathe away – – – – SENSATIONAL!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing them.

    1. I’d sort of forgotten what a good looking bird the E. Wigeon is, Ken. Today was a great reminder. Glad you like the bluebird. Matt

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