Orange County SANDERLINGS, 09/06/17

~Two of the five SANDERLINGS at Skinners Lane, 09/06/17.~ 

SUPER QUICK POST: I had loads to do tonight to get ready for my Vermont golf trip, but made it out to the black dirt this evening because conditions seemed ripe for good shorebirds. I was happily surprised beyond what I would have hoped for. On Skinners Lane, I located a really great collection of shorebirds, all in a single field: 12 Black-bellied Plover, 43 American Golden-Plover, 10 Killdeer, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, 4 Lesser Yellowlegs and definitely the best bird of the day, 5 SANDERLINGS.

I put the word out and Linda Scrima and Rob Stone both joined me to enjoy the birds. Excellent OC birding!

4 thoughts on “Orange County SANDERLINGS, 09/06/17”

    1. Yes, it was only the second time I’ve had Sanderlings in OC – last time was after Hurricane Irene in 2011; they were some of my earliest shorebirds in the black dirt not long after moving here and getting more into birding. Matt

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