OC Shorebird Report, 08/25/17

~One of 5 Lesser Yellowlegs at the Citgo Pond, 8/24/17.~ 

QUICK POST: Things are finally happening! It was a heck of a week in Orange County for shorebirds. On Tuesday 8/22, Linda Scrima reported a single BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER in the black dirt. I tried for that bird in the evening, but came up empty. On Thursday 8/24, Karen Miller had 12 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS  in the black dirt. I could not get out there, because I was at the Citgo Pond, checking on conditions, which are bordering on excellent for shorebirds. I had nearly a dozen Least Sandpipers, 5 Lesser Yellowlegs, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, and some Killdeer.

So, today, Friday 8/25, John Haas had two BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS and 4 AMGPs at Pine Island Turf Nursery (be advised that you need permission to bird at PI Turf Nursery. They are very accommodating to birders but if there is work being done access will be denied). I was headed there after work when I was contacted by Linda Scrima, who had 2 BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS at another location in the black dirt. I changed my plans, met Rob Stone, and we got Linda’s two BASAs as well as a single AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER. I was thrilled to finally get some good fall shorebirds, and the icing on the cake was later in the evening, just as it was getting dark, I got fabulous scope views of a pair of UPLAND SANDPIPERS! What a night! Let’s hope this is just the beginning!

~A Least Sandpiper treks through the mud at Citgo Pond, 08/24/17.~
~Two BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS in the black dirt, 08/25/17.~
~A distant American Golden-Plover, Black Dirt 08/25/17.~ 

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  1. Glad you made out well Matt! Thanks for mentioning about permission at the Turf Nursery, I was remiss in omitting it and have added it to my post too. I sometimes forget that everyone hasn’t been birding these areas as long as others.

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