Sunday Shots, 07/09/17

~A very cooperative Green Heron at the Citgo Pond, 07/07/17.~

QUICK POST: I got out several times this weekend; most of my birding was relatively uneventful with the exception of getting my first shorebirds of the fall migration – 5 LEAST SANDPIPERS at the Citgo Pond on Friday afternoon. I went back this afternoon and the only shorebirds present was a half dozen Killdeer. Here’s several shots from the weekend.

~It’s been ages since I’ve posted any Prairie Warbler shots, and now I’ve posted in two straight posts. This bird was at Mount Peter Hawkwatch – I stopped there on my way home from work on Friday, 0707/17  to grab an ice cream, yummmm. 
~One of five Least Sandpipers at Citgo Pond on Friday, 07/07/17. This bird absolutely refused to turn and face me, so I had to settle on getting a shot as it preened.~ 
~One of about a dozen Killdeer at Citgo Pond, 07/07/17.~
~This Green Heron was freaking out when a Killdeer did a close fly-by; it made its posture as big as possible, when previously it was down low in a stalking posture. Citgo Pond, 07/07/17.~
~I photographed 2 Green Herons at Citgo Pond on 07/07/17; I thought the coloring on this bird was beautiful.~ 
~Three Bald Eagles, including one bathing in the Delaware River. Shot looking down from Hawk’s Nest, 07/08/17.~ 

8 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 07/09/17”

    1. Dan,
      The green on a Green Heron isn’t very obvious – there is a slight blue-green color on the bird’s back, I can see it a little bit in the bottom GRHE photo. Matt

  1. Like the three-eagle shot!!

    P.S. Dan O’Brien is a friend of mine from my working days. He has an interest in birds and how we identify them. He also walks the Six and a Half Station trail occasionally.

    1. Thanks Karen, I thought it was pretty cool to see three eagles together like that. There were actually several more eagles in the surrounding trees. I’m happy Dan commented and I hope he keeps coming back. Matt

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