~Oh my! PINK-FOOTED GOOSE at Turtle Bay 12/3/16.~ 

I woke up this morning on a mission: To relocate the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE that Bruce Nott had found the day before. I met Linda Scrima out at the Camel Farm just after sunrise, and we were joined shortly afterwards by Walter Eberz. It was very cold and windy, but the three of us sorted through approximately 1200 Canada Geese without any luck. We decided to divide and conquer and I headed over to Turtle Bay, where I found a group of approximately 800 Canada Geese out in a field. I quickly found a Cackling Goose, and then not long after that I got on a bird that looked good… Yes, it was the PINK-FOOTED GOOSE! I put the word out and both Linda and Walter joined me and we enjoyed the bird for nearly an hour before all the birds picked up, circled overhead, and then headed north. What a bird, not only is the PFGO a genuine rarity, it is also just a beautiful goose – wonderfully proportioned and I just love the wrinkles in the bird’s neck. The bird was a lifer for Walter and it was my 214th bird in Orange County this year. Also of note, we located at least 2 Cackling Geese and a single Snow Goose. Super exciting birding!

~The PFGO feeding in the field off of Turtle Bay, 12/3/16. It was interesting looking at my photos of the bird because, although not seen in this photo, the bird twists its head around while feeding in the grass, nearly 180 degrees. 
~I’m including this shot of one of the Cackling Geese because I actually managed to get a catchlight on the eye. The photo below better illustrates the birds small bill. Turtle Bay, 12/3/16.~ 
~Cackling Goose, looking tiny next the Canada Geese. Turtle Bay 12/3/16.~ 
~A stop at Wisner Road afterwards produced 3 White-crowned Sparrows, 12/3/16.~

4 thoughts on “OC PINK-FOOTED GOOSE – YES!!!”

  1. Nice photos Matt! I love this bird too. It is a beautiful goose. This was my second one for Orange County and third overall since I started birding in 1995. I’m so happy you were able to re find this special bird!

    1. Thanks so much Scotty – I feel like I got pretty darn lucky today. Not only did I relocated the bird, but it wasn’t THAT far out, so I was able to get decent shots. It’s the same for me, this was my 2nd for Orange County and third overall. My other one was in Bergen County NJ. What a great bird, I’m still on a high from it. Matt

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