Sunday Shots – Peregrine Falcon Edition, 3/20/16

IMG_6492 - Version 2

QUICK POST: Late Saturday afternoon and into the evening, I enjoyed photographing these gorgeous falcons alongside Kyle Dudgeon, Linda Scrima, and Maria Loukeris. Clear skies provided nice light, which allowed for much better photo opportunities than last weekend. It is challenging and super exciting to photograph these birds; it’s really incredible to see how fast they fly and of course very interesting to watch their behavior. The birds continue to mate, and they share their meals (we’ve seen both the male and female come back after successfully hunting, eat half of the prey and then pass the remainder off to their partner).


IMG_6507 IMG_6424

12 thoughts on “Sunday Shots – Peregrine Falcon Edition, 3/20/16”

    1. Thanks Dick, and yeah, I agree that birds in flight can be tough and PEFAs are probably the toughest for me. Matt

  1. Matt,
    OUTSTANDING shots with perfect focus! Great job. The size difference is obvious but it is also obvious that the male has the more pale front and underbody. Thanks for the insight into that.

    Best wishes, Ken

  2. Your photography just keeps getting better and better. I’m not a big raptor birder but I AM happy about this pair!

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