Crested Caracara Part II

Huge thanks to Mary B. for giving me a call this evening to let me know that the CRESTED CARACARA was actively feeding on a poor dead possum. I rushed out there and was able to get some much better shots than I did yesterday.

~Crested Caracara with its meal, Montgomery, NY 4/12/15.~
~Whenever a car would pull into the area, the bird would flee…
… and go perch in the trees.~
~But the bird would come back: It’s my possum! Crested Caracara in Montgomery NY, 4/12/15.~


13 thoughts on “Crested Caracara Part II”

  1. Great pictures Matt! I viewed the bird Saturday evening, perched in those trees. What a beautiful bird! Thanks for the visual !

  2. Matt, as usual your photos are fantastic! We’re having some kind of year with rare birds! What’s next?

  3. Superb photos, as usual Matt. These days photographic documentation is everything.
    In earlier days there was none. I founded the Checklist Committee for the Mearns
    Bird Club and served as the Chair of the committee for the first two checklists.
    Your talents are a major contribution to Orange County’s bird club. Well done!

    Hopefully, these photos of county rarities, are being forwarded to the appropriate
    person at the NYS Ornithological Society’s Rare Bird Committee for filing in perpetuity.

    1. Thanks so much John, I’m glad you are enjoying and appreciating the photos. I’m closing in on three years of documenting the birds seen in this area- I personally look back and use it as a resource and I hope others do as well. I have not forwarded photos however, I would certainly do this if it was considered worthwhile. If you have any further information about who I might contact about this, please shoot me an email ( Matt

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