Black Dirt Snow Geese, 1/20/15

~Snow Geese coming in for a landing, New Hampton NY, 1/20/15.~

Tonight I spent some time at Pierce Circle in New Hampton, NY going through approximately 2,500 Canada Geese. I scanned the geese a bunch of times but was unable to find anything other than Canadas. I was just starting to pack it in when I saw another group of geese coming in – it was SNOW GEESE! Approximately 150 birds circled over the fields a couple of times and then settled in among the Canada Geese. It was awesome to see them, and to think I came so close to missing them!

~Snow Geese above the fields on Pierce Circle, 1/20/15.~
~Snow Geese above the fields on Pierce Circle, 1/20/15.~
~Snow Geese in New Hampton, NY 1/20/15.
~Snow Geese in New Hampton, NY 1/20/15.

10 thoughts on “Black Dirt Snow Geese, 1/20/15”

  1. These are great. Where is the place you were…..I haven’t heard of it before.

    I’m still hoping for a snowy.


  2. Matt,
    This could be a good year for higher numbers of Snow Geese and Tundra Swans. Karen Miller and I were up state yesterday for all practical purposes, there are none of either species. I think coming weeks will have good numbers of these birds stopping over on their way north. Who knows what other great geese may accompany them. John

  3. So funny, Matt – we were over at Indiana and masses and masses of geese (1000s) went overhead and I thought they might be heading over to Celery Rd. One of the members of my group thought one of the skeins was different, wonder if it was the Snow Geese? Very cool! (We had 6 SEOs put up by crow harrassment).

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